Why should I choose Frank J Siebert?

Frank J Siebert is one of Adelaide’s longest running family owned funeral businesses. We are centrally located in Adelaide CBD and operate all over Adelaide metropolitan and country areas. We pride ourselves on guiding our families through the funeral process with respect, dignity and personal care. Our experience and expertise, combined with individualised funeral services ensures that you are receiving the best possible care at all times.

What is the first thing I need to do when someone dies?

Please see our 'What to do when someone dies' page here.

Who needs to come to the Arrangement meeting? What should they bring?

Usually the Arrangement meeting is attended by the Next of Kin and/or Executor and other family members or friends. This meeting may be conducted in your home or at our offices. Covid-19 Restrictions may effect this meeting place, you will be advised at the time of making this meeting.

You will find more information in the Planning Now section on our Planning A Funeral page.

Can I get a quote before I proceed?

Absolutely. If you are unsure where to start and simply need an answer to the question - “How much does a funeral cost?", please call us on our 24 hour telephone line or email us and we will provide you with an estimate on the essential elements of a funeral. We offer additional products and services and our funeral directors can provide you with more information on all items upon request.

We can provide you with an itemised quote. Call us on 08 8223 5879 or fill in our contact form and we’ll contact you.

Which is more popular – cremation or burial?

Neither is more popular and your choice will depend on many factors. You may be influenced by religious beliefs, personal preferences, wishes of the deceased and whether or not you already hold a lease with a cemetery for a burial. Generally cremation services are less expensive than burial services. We can give you all the information and guidance you need to make this important choice.

Should we have a viewing?

The decision to have a viewing or a “visitation” with the deceased is a very personal one. Having an opportunity to say a final and very intimate goodbye often assists the grieving process and is a great comfort to families. It is important to note that a formal identification must always occur, however, this can often be completed at the point of transferring someone into our care. Your funeral director will discuss this with you.

What is the difference between a casket and a coffin?

Caskets are rectangular in shape and have a hinged lid. Lids can either be full length or half length ie: with half length, the casket can remain closed from the waist down. Coffins are wider around the shoulders, taper in toward the feet and head, and have a completely removable lid.

What is a Pre-Paid funeral? What are the benefits? Where does my money go?

Please refer to our Pre-Paid information.

How long will it take to organise a funeral? Do we need to have it straight away?

There are many factors that can affect the planning of a funeral, from the circumstances of the death, family needing to travel interstate to the availability of the required venue and so on. Generally most funerals can take place within 3-5 days and we work very closely with families to accommodate specific needs.

How much does a funeral cost?

When looking at the cost of a funeral, there are two types of costs - funeral directors' charges and disbursements.

Generally, the funeral director's charges consist of their service charge, after hours services (if applicable) and your coffin or casket selection. The biggest difference between one funeral director and another is what is included, or excluded from the service charge.

The other costs are disbursements - items and services sourced from third parties, such as venue hire, celebrant feed, flowers, press notices, printing and so on. Your funeral director will advise you of all options available to you. At Frank J Siebert, all disbursements are provided at cost.

Generally cremation services are less expensive than burial services.

Ultimately, the cost of a funeral will depend on the choices that you make.



Thank you so much for yesterday's lovely service to farewell Barb. I think that it went off really well and it was so nice to see her relatives there and old friends. The setting was beautiful - it could not have been better as Partridge House is directly across from where Barb spent all her school years at Woodlands Girls Grammar - now St Peter's. I am sure that Barb would heartily have approved everything we were able to do for her. Wendy, Marlene, Andrea and I met afterwards in the Holdfast Hotel for one glass of prosecco to toast happy memories of our fun times we had with Barb over many years. Again thanks to you (Fiona Talbot-Leigh - Celebrant), Peter, his mother and the other staff for a fitting farewell to a dear friend.

Priscilla. June 2021.

Peter and his amazing team at Frank J Siebert helped our family through the worst time in our lives. Peter was so respectful of us as we discussed mum's service, he guided rather than pushed us to the decisions that needed to be made, without ever getting frustrated as we tried to make everything perfect, from the casket to the music. He was very conscious of an affordable option even without us requesting it, and didn't try to 'up sell' us on anything. On the day of the service all of our wishes were carried out perfectly, I cannot fault them. It is easy to see they are a team that work well with each other, as the result of their efforts was seamless.

Nerissa. February 2018.

I would like you to know how very grateful we are for the very professional and caring assistance given to us by all your staff as we prepared for and entered into our last journey with and for our mum. Be very proud that you are maintaining a very fine family tradition on the highest order. We will not hesitate in recommending your company and staff very highly indeed. With very good wishes and sincere thanks.

Trish. May 2018.

Through such a deeply traumatic time in our lives, you have shown great compassion, gentleness, efficient practicality, appropriate guidance, great sensitivity and through it all, a delightful smile and giggle when needed.

Pip. June 2017.

150 years of caring and thoughtful profession Funeral Services to we South Australians in our need at a time that is nearly always a distressful, sad, emotional time in our lives. Your care, concern and of course knowledge of all that is entailed when a person dies has been of great comfort to so very many families thought the years of your ‘story'. Thank you, form so very many South Aussies.

Marie. Nov 2016.

Thank you very much for your exceptional services carried out in such a caring and sensitive manner for the funeral of our Mum in January of the year. We were very appreciated of your help and guidance. Thank you again.

Naomi. April 2018.