Born 24th March 1965

Died peacefully in his sleep

on 1st December 2021.


May he rest in Peace.



A Funeral Liturgy for Christian will

be offered at the Catholic Church of St Patrick’s

on the 21st of December, 2021.


Sadly due to Covid-19 restrictions, this will be a private service

and attendance at the funeral is by invitation only.

The family thanks you for your understanding.


Please feel free to leave a message of condolence for the family here and access

the funeral livestream via the blue link above.

Message Board

Samantha Guthleben -

Dear Mariot and the Kerr Family So very sorry to hear of your loss. Christian will be always fondly remembered as one of a kind. My sympathies at this sad time. Samantha

Margot Date -

What a wonderful Press Gallery and APH colleague was Christian. His love for his children knew no bounds. I hope they know how much his friends admired his devotion to them. His political insights were legendary and his depth of care for his colleagues was immense. All the love to his family and friends

Elaine Black -

I am honoured to have communicated with Christian for many years. It touched my heart that he had a caring love and affection for Israel and the Jewish people, and did not hesitate to correct media bias when he saw it. To observe on FB the adoration of his growing children was beautiful to behold and the sheer love and nourishment he provided them was truly unique. I am relieved to know that he passed so peacefully in his sleep without further suffering due to ill health. That is surely a rich blessing to such a fine soul. Shalom Dear Christian. ???

Amanda Murphy -

Dear Christian, I was shocked and deeply saddened to learn of your passing. You've always been an amazing, creative, loyal, generous and damn clever individual and I will miss you and remember. Much love to you, Marion, your beautiful children, and family. Amanda xx

Don Matthews -

I,m now 86, for a good part of my life Christian insite and reporting have influenced my thinking in a positive way. A great thinking mind. May he inspire all those he encounters in his new role. In Gods hands.

Chris Graham -

Dear Kerr family, I knew Christian through work. Our offices weren't far from each in the press gallery, and after we both left we stayed in touch. He's a man admired both for his technical skill as a writer, but also his courage, both in his job and as he battled poor health. I ran into Christian just before COVID at Sydney Airport, and we swapped war stories briefly, and promised to try and work together a bit more into the future. I regret that never came to pass, but as I now confront my own health challenges (my diagnosis was just a few weeks before Christian's passing), I genuinely draw some comfort from the fact that Hilary Bray will have already started making waves (and friends... and the right kind of enemies) by the time I arrive. Christian has my admiration for a life very well lived, and you have my deepest condolences for your substantial loss. - Chris

Alan Merritt -

I was sorry to hear of Christian's death. I have happy memories of days when we were all younger and enjoyed each other's company. Rest in peace.

Ben Marks -

When you are a kid you are spoilt and you think everyone is as awesome as you. They are not. I was truly blessed to have you as a mate In 1998 when my family situation changed we had the best year together in Tomsey St and you looked after me and you didn’t have to. I had lots of other Super minor challenges that year which you listened to. No one would do that but that was you. Mum and Dad were so grateful for all of that. So much more I can say. I’m sickened re this. I can’t believe it. Hopefully I can do something for the kids one day. All they have to do is ask Love You Ben

Susan Brown -

I’m so sorry Christian is gone and for so many reasons. He was an utterly besotted father. He was a journalist that broke boundaries. He was brave. He was fun. He could be a friend whether in agreement or disagreement. He liked good fabric. But most of all, in a world of shallow polemic, Christian was Interesting. Not enough people are Interesting. He was well read, analytical, could argue pop culture to french history to values based policy and could put it all into sentences, paragraphs and stories that made me think. I really wish he was still around as I don’t know anyone else like him. India and Rupert, I hope from his writings and our reflections you get to see something of the amazing guy your Dad was. I was lucky to know him and am sorry he is gone.

Penny Fischer -

Love, admire and miss you, darling Christian. My family and I owe you much. We will never forget you and your love for your beautiful children. Penny, Michael, Pru, Adelaide, Mathilda and Cecelia.

Peter Sheppard -

Mariot, India, Rupert and family - I was very sorry to hear of your loss. Please accept my condolences.

Don D'Cruz -

I loved gossiping with Christian over politics over the years. In Christian, I found a kindred spirit in someone who was knowledgeable about politics but, did not stop him from enjoying a laugh about its absurdities. Also, becoming a father late in life, Christian and I liked talking about our kids. He adored his children. I hope they realise just how much. Like many, I will miss him. Gone too soon.

Louise yaxley -

Deepest Condolences to Christian’s family.

Pamela Attwood -

Precious are the memories I will always hold dear of a true friend, loving father, caring son, talented observer and writer. Thank you always for the wise words, support and spirit-lifting laughter. Only some beings are Irreplaceable. They, you join.

Maria Kourtesis -

Condolences to Christians much loved children and family. His passion, wit and way with words will truly be missed.

Kate Hannon -

To the Kerr family, I offer my sincere condolences.

Diana Carroll -

Dear FB, We were such great mates back in the day. Tomsey Street (Ben Marks - thanks for the memories!), Botanic Apartments, New York and Washington (I know everything I know about the Kennedys thanks to you, Christian), the day Diana many moments shared and treasured. Go gently to your God, dear boy, With love, xx

Philip -

May the angels lead you into paradise; may the martyrs come to welcome you and take you into the holy city, the new and eternal Jerusalem. May choirs of angels welcome you and lead you to the bosom of Abraham; and where Lazarus is poor no longer may you find eternal rest. May saints and angels lead you on, Escorting you where Christ has gone. Now he has called you, come to him who sits above the seraphim. Come to the peace of Abraham And to the supper of the Lamb: Come to the glory of the blessed, And to perpetual light and rest.

Jeremy Roberts -

So sad to hear of your sudden passing. You're passion and integrity and fellowship is deeply missed. Thanks for everything, mate.

Chryssy Tintner -

My sincere condolences to the Kerr family, and in particular Rupert and India. Christian had a strong spirit that will be missed.

Don Wormald -

I had the distinct pleasure of knowing Christian for nearly twenty years and shared his love of poking fun at the ridiculous (mainly politicians). He was a great mate though we lived in different cities and I will miss our long, late night chats. He was so much fun to play with, his acerbic wit, his profound knowledge and his sense of the irreverent. He once did a presentation to an audience of not-for-profit movers and shakers for me promoting a novel charitable concept and was absolutely brilliant. The past few years have been unkind to Christian due to his awful health issues. His struggles with his ability to do what he loved most - writing - were heartbreaking. We were going to write a book together but he had to pull out after he was struck down. At least he is now spared the pain he was going through. My sympathy goes out to the family for this untimely loss. He left this world a better place and we are all the better for having known him.

Martin Gordon -

A sad passing of a gifted person. Martin Gordon

Kris -

Goodbye Christian. I'll miss our emails and conversations over coffee. I'm sorry I never got to say goodbye in person and wish India and Rupert all the best for the future. I'm so disappointed on your behalf that your health was so compromised, and that you never got to write your book as I've been looking forward to reading it for a long time. 'Til we meet again in whatever life comes after this one.