In Memory Of


will be celebrated entirely in St Casimir’s Lithuanian

Catholic Church, 6 Third Avenue, St Peters on

THURSDAY, August 24, 2023, commencing at 10:00 a.m.




Born Leokadia Elzbieta Visockis in Lithuania on 5 November 1925.

Leokadia arrived in Australia on 3 May 1949.

Leokadia, also known as Levute, at 24 started a new life in South Australia,

was married to Edmundas Staugas in 1952 and from then was Elizabeth Staugas.


Elizabeth built a strong foundation for a loving family –


~her children Rima, Milda, Joanne, and Stan, nurtured and loved forever;

~her grandsons and their partners, Luke and Claire, Elijah and Mandy, Peter and Claire, Michael and Sarah, Tom, and Ollie, all adored forever;

~her great grandchildren Mae and Daisy, Henry, Charlotte, Sophie and Ted;

~her sister-in-law Aukse;

~her daughter-in-law Abbe;

~her sons-in-law Steve and Richard;


… and because of her we will all be loved forever.


Elizabeth passed away in Adelaide, South Australia on 11 August 2023

sharing her love until the very end.

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Marlys Gall -

Beautiful women. I feel so fortunate to have celebrated her birthday with all of you. My heart goes out to all in this tough time of losing mom. She will forever be in your hearts. Thanks for sharing her with me. love and hugs to all of you