Born 8th April 1972 in Nelson, New Zealand.

Died 11th October 2021 in Adelaide, South Australia.


May she Rest in Peace.


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Marie -

I’ll see you again Sis. (It shit here on earth anyway, the Governments corrupt, Covid is a conspiracy, we’re being dictated to). Thank God for Heaven. Xoxoxo

Sean o'loughlin -

Rip Aunty Michaela. Very fond memories of you. I'm blessed that you lived with me for 6 month when you moved to Adelaide and will never forget you xoxo

Sharon Brinsley -

Will never forget the friendship and fun we had together. Your big beautiful smile and kind heart x will miss you x

Josh Morgan -

She was by far my most favourite fun, loving aunty. Love staying over on school holidays creating havoc with my cousins. She was kind, boisterous and cool, a fighter in her own right.

Sean o'loughlin -

With deep sadness we say goodbye to not only a beautiful lady, but a beautiful person. Not only an amazing friend to many, but a mother figure to 5 boys. Taken way too soon and so unexpectedly, life can be just so cruel. You touched the lives of everyone around you and you will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace Aunty Michaela

Ashleigh Walters -

Have so many great memories with you, will never forget your loud laugh, you big smile, your beautiful kind heart, and going crazy on our karaoke nights, will never forget the songs we sang together, will cherish your memory forever. Xxx

Jade Laughlin -

She is beautiful and I will always love her we shared a life and our beautiful boys I will always cherish her memory they are her legacy and will be with us always

Christina Rose Morgan -

Rest In Peace my beautiful Aunty Michelle. I love and cherish you with all my heart and desire. I know you will always be with us. You will always be remembered and never forgotten. I pray you are singing with the angels and god is looking after you. You will forever be in my heart! You are so beautiful and I know you already know that. Fly high ♥️??

Shelley Kelly nee ( Wadsworth) -

Ah what a tino ataahua pic one of my best friends growing up one of the very few whom knew my parents a rose i shall add to my necklace on my neck each rose represents a special wahine toa manawahine nana nan aunt sister in my life linked together holding a heart pendant representing everlasting love and the titanic blue diamond was that inspiration with my husband and sons name in centre ... you are and always have been one of those wahine too me and 1 rose will now represent Michaela is what i called you or michella olaughlin at school but katipa when we did kapahaka in Te kupenga maori club otara you were a loving sister dedicated to mathew raised well by your mum like us we were raised to be honored to have the roll of taking care of our elders a priviledge not a job and naturally over protective of our younger syblings and cousins and older ones when they needed , we had our 1st bob marleys together and you laways found time for me when my dad died too and we shouldered eachother through some difficult teenage years well we all think that till we see that very 1st smile and held those tiny fingers for our 1st baby the 1st time then realise the things we thought difficult no longer factor in too anything all that matters is our baby and thier needs , amd thats how we both knew we were when we parted living eachday for them and hever forgetting humble beginnings fortunate or sad times being the best we could be in whatever situation we found thats how i always thought of you michaela when id wander how you were where you were id know that youd still be that michaela i will always and 4ever hold you in my heart and carry a memory every day of you my big sister my secret keeper lol my bestie my tuahine i hope your singing in the angels choir i hope the sun shines on forever i hope the angels know how blessed they are to having dancing in the sky whakamoemiti kite ariki anake haere ki te kainga tuturu o to tatou tipuna i nga wa katoa i roto i te ringaringa o aku atua moe mai ra xxxxxxxxxxxx

Saphron Katipa -

Aunty, Your journey has just begun, to a higher place. A paradise full of love, peace, warmth and only you can face. Your kind, caring, loving, and beautiful persona has been engraved in us down here. Knowing that, we have nothing to fear. Its been years since I'd last seen u, but memories never change. Rest in Peace aunt and know we r still within range. ???

Dad/Grandad -

Dear Michaela I miss you so. I know I will see you again. In the meantime I have such precious thoughts of you deep within my heart. It was great to speak with you just before your passing See you soon Dad

Ricki -

You were one of my most favourite people. And the longest friendship l've had in my life. I always wanted you as my sister but instead we were sisters in Christ. I will miss you for the rest of my life but know we will see each other again xxx

Kelly Hill -

Oh my dear friend, a beautiful soul taken to soon. You will be missed by so many. Thinking of all your beautiful family. Love to them all. I am sorry I can’t be there. Love Kelly and family xx

Maree McNabb -

So many fond memories of Michelle. Such a beautiful lady.Hope she's up in heaven getting big cuddles from my Mum.Rest in Peace lovely.

Mesia Tuiono -

Michelle my beautiful free spirited cousin who i will always remember as someone who was extremely confident in all she did, very opinionated about everything (especially when it came to politics, Māori history and the bible, you were just so knowledgeable) and always being that breath of fresh air just when you needed it? Im am so grateful to have known you better when you lived here in nz at the flats around 21years ago.. I must say those days were so much fun? how we all grew so close and all the mischief we got up too.. Ohh the storiesss?‍♀️Those are the days i miss but cherish forever?? So THANK YOU my cousin for being who you were? For being a strong independant woman.. You are free from this world and im sure theres a welcoming party for you up in heaven with the cuzzy Sam right there to greet you.. I will miss you alot but for now ill just pretend you are still in aussie living your best life and i will see you when i see you.. love you always xxxx❤️❤️

Lavinia (Youngest sister) -

Moe mai rā taku tuahine Ataahua ?? Rest In Peace my beautiful sister ? It is with great sadness to know that I will not see you’re beautiful face again. The sound of you’re loud voice ? the way you would sing so loud and proud, I will miss it ALL! I will truly miss the times you would fly over just in time for housie at 7pm ? you made sure you wouldn’t miss out on that lol. All the catch ups with our cuzzies Ofa, Mesia, Sonia, Lusia, Mary & Boy and us at uncle Wilson’s. It was a must for us to get together there for Kai and drinks and we can ALL say that those nights were always the best! ? Personally for me, as the youngest of us kids it breaks my heart to lose my sibling. Our brother passed first and now you and it’s saddens me so much I am fully hurting but I am also happy you are at peace and with the lord and our whanau. Ive always admired having older sisters ? and I am forever grateful that you made time for me when you could. I will miss when we’d go out and you telling strangers that I was your little sister and people would look at us like you were crazy cause I was darker skinned than you ??? but always made sure people got it through their heads that we are siblings and I loved that. You were so funny, you had so much knowledge about our whanau that some of us did not know and I’m grateful for all the teachings you passed on to me/us ? I’m so grateful for the video calls we had before your passing. The excitement on your face when you got a home, the excitement in your voice when you showed me around the house, the secret talks we had lol I could go on but I’ll save some of those for me to hold on and cherish ? I could go on with more to say but I’ll leave it there okay xxx So thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥️ My sister For simply being the best! I’m forever grateful to God that he blessed me with a sister like you, so full of life and laughter. I’ll love you now till forever my sis. I will see you and our brother on the other side when our times comes. Love you deeply Your youngest sister ???

Laura Coombes -

Hi my beautiful friend. I loved you from the get go. Our boys were friends as were we and wow did we have some fun. I could always come to you not once did you turn me away I'm thankful we kept in contact shell. You will always remain in my heart ❤️I can't get there today as I'm not feeling the best but I know you know all about that. I hope it's beautiful up there sweetheart. Your with God and God is close. I love you ❣️

Diana kite -

Rip my beautiful aunty, taken way too soon. I wanted to be there but were with u in spirit. I'll see u my beautiful aunty on the otherside.. love always n forever. Diana Blake n mason xx

Diana kite -

Best memory.. u met us at baseball nu brought me n Sean, like chocolate, lollies, chocolate milk, chips... omg I was like she I AWESOME. N THE ONLY PERSON WHO BELIEVED IN ME AFTER BLAKE.... HES HOME NOW N I HAVE MASON.. IF I HAVE A GIRL. ( God forbid lol) Michelle will be in her name ..... I promise u that. I'll tell Jonny u are in love with a rustafarian.. Lol ?,, ?????????????????????????????????????

Diana -

My beautiful Aunty Michelle, thank you for always listening to me, I'll always remember how fun n outspoken n u were just cool as... U raised 5 boys. Omg I'm rocking in corner with 2 lol... but I'll miss u, I love u. Wherever u are, I no u probably laughing at us all lol. But it's got to be better than earth ATM. Ur our angel now.... rip aunty... u no why I can't be there in person I tried but u no I fought ???? RIP Aunty Michelle, ( mackaylah) I always got confused lol.....

Sonia Tuiono -

I'm not sad for you I'm being jellous and thinking how good it must be up in heaven with all our loved ones and just thinking what you gonna tell God when you find him lol tbh I was always excited when I knew you were coming home to visit us cuz . I knew we were gonna get up to mischief and get wasted eat and just enjoy every moment. I'm gonna miss you my beautiful cousin fly high and please give hugs to mum and my daughter in heaven. I will always have my home heart open for any of your boys who want to visit home my cuzi . Love you always

Diana -

Rip my beautiful aunty. See u on the otherside. Love Di, Blake and Mason xx we miss u , wish I could have been there. ? love u

Marise -

Farewell Michelle , we were lucky to have you and your family woven into our childhood and teens and so often at our house. My biggest memories are of the day you rode a bike down our steep driveway, unable to stop, screaming until you crashed. Scary. Plus a few giggles about your middle name. Fly free, and look after your loved ones through the times that are coming.

Lusia Tuiono -

The flower that blooms in Adversity, is the most rare and beautiful of all, that's yous my cuzzy, i will forever cherish the memories we had at the flats( iykyk) A strong courageous beautiful Mana Wahine who lived life to the fullest. i ove you my cousin, until we meet again

Meryl -

Lots of lovely, fab memories of your family woven with all us Arnold's. I remember your laugh, your smile and your mischievousness.I won't forget you. Love to Margaret, Marie, Raymond, Ray and the extended whanau. Our sis forever. xxx

Amy Wulff -

I've been putting off writing here as if not writing this would mean you are still with us. But today I watched the people you loved wish you a final goodbye. Theres years of giggles dancing singing and rediculous moments we shared. From our once a month adelaide hills karaoke to me dragging you to the Emu . And a few pit stops at karaoke pubs along the way. We found the emu when we had gone to woodside only to find it cancelled that night. There we were checking our phones looking for a new place to go... and soon our monthly karaoke was a weekly event . I remember you leaving mt barker (where we both lived ) you had been quite settled and I watched your life change so many times before I finally left Australia and moved to Canada. I remember meeting your sister one night at karaoke she came to support you but more then anything she wanted to protect you. I could see the undeniable love she had for you . When I think of you I think of someone fun loving fiercely independent. Free spirited.. highly intelligent and brave to a fault. You were a force of nature and that nature was love. I miss you my friend thankyou for the years of laughs.. the many deep chats and just a wee bit of that bravery you had to spare. I love you Michelle


Michelle, Im gonna miss you so very much. I ‘m very sad knowing your no longer just a plane ride away :(. You are going to be a superstar up their with all our family greats. You will be welcomed and taken straight to the family committee. You were always the strong smart loving one and this world will miss your lovable smile. My early memories of you was when you were staying at the flats on Hill rd in Manurewa. You were in #1, Aunty clum was in #4, and my mum was in #6. This was the first time I got my first paid job, babysitting your 2 amazing sons, Joshua and Damien. I think I was 10, so josh was 8 and Damien was 6. Even though josh was pretty much the same age as me, you didn’t trust anyone else to look after them. I felt empowered and well, I let it get to my head. I’m pretty sure when you left for the clubs with my sisters, and said you would be back in a couple of hours, I turn into a dictator general and ordered the 2 boys to bed. Josh went quietly, but had an ability to utter words under his breath that you couldn’t make out, so you couldn’t pull him up on it, and well Damien would scream for hours jumping around the flat. The flat was home to joshes pet Rat which was treated like a first class citizen and some gold fish. You paid me with happy meals, Pokémon figurines, and well access to the food cupboard. It was the life. I remember Sam and Matthew woundering why they weren’t asked lol, I would just say because I’m the best. Later with about 30 mins before you would come back, I would make sure the flat was clean, and the boys were asleep. Then upon your arrival, josh and Damien would suddenly awake and run to you crying that I was mean. I would give them the evils, while you would give them a cuddle and tell them it’s alright. You told me not to worry and I would hikoi back to mums place In flat 6. While walking, I’m thinking there goes my happy meal job, she definitely not asking me back. Hahaha However to my surprise, a knock on the door, you had poped down would ask my mum, can boy watch the boys? And mum would say yes. And so I did this for about 6 months. Over that time, I would growl Damien, however you couldn’t stay mad at him, he was full of energy and excitement. I would try and out smart josh. Josh had this amazing Pokémon collection with the Ninetails his prize possession. Me and sam wanted it, but josh would never put the ninetails up when we would duel. It was and still is one of the longest memories I have of you. You cared so much about your boys. It was great to see. I remember you telling me you would use the line “ I’m gonna get boy to watch you guys if you not behave” as a way to bring order in your whare. It worked I think. I last saw you a couple of years ago when you and josh came for a visit. You came to our whare and had some really good chats. You were an expert in reading the room. You would know how far to take the conversation without pressing buttons. You were an inspiration. I remember you wanting to come back to NZ and I said, you can come and work with me. You were excited and so was I. I wish that plan came to life. Never the less, you have created a legacy that will live on. I will never forget you and can’t wait to see you again. To your awesome Sons, know that you have plenty of family back here in NZ ready to open you guys with open arms. We are just a plane ride away! Nga mihi Boy

Kylie Firestone -

Love you always my friend, I’m so thankful I met you and had so many great nights, so many laughs and the best of all we got to share together our love of music and singing, fly high my friend you now have your wings, I will never forget you ❤️