Loved mother and

mother-in-law of

Michelle (deceased),


Andrew and Renata.


Loving sister of

Richard and Jan.


Cherished grandmother

of Dieter, Katherine, Xira,

William, Laura,

Anna-Rose, and



A dear friend to many.

Message Board

Ann & John Barnes -

Our thoughts are with you. Your memories will last forever.


We had a great journey as friends over the last sixty years, as did many members of my extended family. We had a shared a sense of the absurd and the ridiculous, so there were so many laughs and happy times. You had bad times too, but you had the strength to rise above and raise a wonderful family, of whom you were so proud. Thank you!

Kat Livesey Darnault -

Dearest Auntie Paul. It’s still hard for me to imagine this world without you. The last time I saw you, you were as I will always remember you - bubbly, bright, smiling, listening, curious, offering good advice, determined, laughing. I will miss having you here Auntie Paul, as I already did, being on the other side of the globe. Thank you for our precious times together. Love you, Kat, Benji and Lilas xoxoxo

Baden Le Cornu -

My brothers' beautiful mum. Yes, my Dad married Pauline prior to me coming into the world. My early memories of Pauline are forever in my heart. She welcomed me into her home & always supported my love for her two sons Michael & Andrew. I would write to her from boarding school as I did to my own Mum Janine & our Dad, Geoff Le Cornu. Her travels to Norfolk Island, in later years, I related to as I thought her tour guiding photos & knowledge was remarkable. I will always remember her address on Portrush Rd, the number & the postcode. The back kitchen room & the wonderful cottage garden. And her smile that would meet me at the door on Portrush Rd. Forever loved, respected & missed. Baden Le Cornu

Raelene Gloyne - Brookie -

Paul, you will always be my friend - you know too much about me, and I you - love you Friend - Brookie xx

Judi Town -

You were the best boss to me. Strict but fair. You always had my utmost respect. Rest easy my friend.