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Robert Morley

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Derek Morley -

May you rest in peace Robert. Rick Morley Windsor Nova Scotia Canada

Alicia Langton -

Very sad to hear of Rob's passing away. He was my working partner for many years where we would start daily at 5am at Adelaide Airport. Rob entertained me with his quirky ways (sitting in a dark office wearing a flashing hat to scare me in the morning was just one memory ha ha! We certainly had a lot of laughs. He had a passion for intel and reading and a desire to travel to unusual places such as Korea and Afghanistan. A very intelligent man and well respected for his knowledge and offshore experience in the workplace. I will miss bumping into you on your walks down Hutt Street, Rob. Much love, Alicia

Jane Honner -

It was a pleasure working with you Rob. You were an intelligent and interesting man and one of the hardest workers I encountered in my early career. You left an indelible mark on those who came up the ranks behind you, thank you. Your family is in my prayers at this sad time. May you rest in peace.

Katherine Grebneff -

From all your colleagues in Immigration, thanks for the great chats and fun times. You are missed!

Kris Palumbo -

Thank you for being a part of life's journey Rob. All memories of you remain positive.

Cath McBeath -

Dear Rob - it was a pleasure working with you. Your professionalism and your dry sense of humour will be remembered. I drew on your insatiable knowledge on many occasions throughout my time working with you. Your intelligence went to the next level, you never ceased to amaze me on just the amount of information you retained! You will be missed Rob. RIP.

Rosalie Banhalmi -

I have just heard the sad news of the passing of one of my former bosses (and in my favourites list) Mr Rob Morley. Due to COVID19 restrictions the funeral home’s quota has been reached. In any case, I know that Rob was a very private man and a small gathering of his friends and colleagues would have suited him very much. I understand the situation. I would like to send a little prayer at the appropriate time during the service that I wish Rob restfully peace now and without pain. That I am glad our paths crossed at work, that he was a kind, decent and thoughtful boss and that I won’t forget the time we worked together. Rob was a very kind and patient person. The ultimate professional. Rob never said a bad word about anyone and never gossiped. I truly respected his values – as they aligned with mine. (That decent English upbringing he must have had) We respected each other and got on very well at work. Rob also had a quick wit, great intelligence and a dry sense of humour. He also understood that I was different individual, how I worked, but he knew I completed all my duties well. We got along very well. I am so glad that when I saw him at the oldies functions we would have a quick chat or shared a smile and I can still see him now with his lovely official upright Englishness. We had a great mutual understanding. He was my APS5 Manager and I was the APS3 at the time (It was a long time ago – when I think he first joined our Department in the Commonwealth Centre in Currie Street, Adelaide). I will never forget when I used to have to do some stores work etc and as I wore lovely expensive clothes back then (because I was single and could afford to do so!!) I asked Rob whether I could order a protective overcoat to protect them (like those grey gabardine coats stores people would wear). He said I could as I was doing stores type work, carting dirty boxes with sharp edges etc. I ordered one (but mine was white!!). It arrived and I put it on of course to do my stores work. Rob said I looked like a doctor wearing that coat and we both laughed and I said that he was more likely to have the brains than I did!!! I am going to miss seeing him at the oldies lunches. A decent fellow. A true gentleman. May he rest in peace. He deserves to. With my deepest condolences to all his family. Sincerely, Rosalie Banhalmi a former work colleague at Immigration

Nathan Wilson -

I have many fond memories of working in the 'field' with Rob. He was always sure the ABC classic music channel was on in the car. Whilst often quiet if you were able to pique his interest in something he was passionate about he would offer his rare yet interesting insights! All the best over the bridge, Rob. Condolences to family and close friends.

Belinda -

Sending my thoughts and sincere condolences to Rob’s friends and family. Rob was a lovely man, and a great asset to the Dept. over many years of service. I still remember Rob’s daily lunch of a cheese sandwich (white bread), and a strong black coffee! You will be missed.

Allan Wright & Family ( cousin) -

Very sad to hear of his passing at a young age. God Bless, rest in peace cousin. Allan & Family Ottawa, Ontario, Canada