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Please click on the above link for the funeral webcast just before the service at 2.45pm.

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Leah Ackland -

Today we said goodbye to our absolute world, Oma❤️??? The most beautiful service I have ever experienced for the most amazing lady I have ever known❤️ Our world will never be the same without you in it, yet pictures, videos and memories will live on forever and be forever displayed for not only us but our future generations ❤️ We have been so damn blessed to have you in our lives for as long as we have, everyone knows how much we love and adore our Oma, so the heartache is real, reality must go on, letting you go today will be the hardest day of our lives, but as we said we will be strong for you❤️ Fly high our beautiful Oma, May you Rest your beautiful self In Peace❤️?? Labarnetz, Milu Tevi? Xoxoxoxox